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Kine is a CBD manufacturer that produces CBD tincture of various flavors, as well as Kine Drops, which are CBD lozenges. Kine Drops come in several different flavors, and are all CBD isolate products.

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We had a chance to test Kine's CBD products; the test results, as well as the expert CBD reviews can be found below! Take a look at Kine CBD products on Real Tested CBD.
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kine watermelon drops – 5 pack – 50 mg

Kine Watermelon Drops – 5 Pack – 50 mg

Kine Watermelon CBD Drops got an acceptable rating from our expert CBD review staff because they test almost identically to the label claim! They tested to have 58 mg of CBD vs the label claim of 50 mg. However, as advertised, this is a CBD isolate product, which means that there are no rare cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, or CBN present in this product.

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Overall Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Kine CBD

Kine CBD products were found to be easy to use, while the shipping cost and delivery time was acceptable. Real Tested CBD sees the customer receiving great value for their purchase. If you've yet to try, you can rest assured you'll be treating yourself to some high-quality CBD.
Kine offers CBD products formulated with CBD isolate, not full-spectrum CBD. Kine does, however, offer some CBD + CBG products.
Kine CBD products may contain between 10mg and 3000mg of CBD.
CBD oils can be consumed straight from the dropper, added to your favorite food or drink, or applied topically.

From the manufacturer: At Kine, we are committed to the best. Our sublingual products are infused with CBD extracted from industrial hemp grown and processed in the USA, contain NO THC, and are vegan and gluten free. We use NO sugar, NO artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners and test our products regularly for quality, consistency, and purity. Don’t settle for less! About Sublinguals: Sublingual absorption occurs through the tissues in the mouth and is faster and more effective than edibles, with almost 100% absorption. It is not impacted by what has been eaten throughout the day and is the most consistent and efficient method of administration. Edibles (foods that are chewed and swallowed) go through “first-pass metabolism” in the liver before reaching the bloodstream and provide only 10-20% absorption.
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