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2929 SE Powell Blvd, Ste 1, Portland, OR 97202
About Lumi Wellness Shop

Lumi is a shop of curated modern wellness goods specializing in high-quality full and broad spectrum CBD products and CBD education. We also carry tinctures, medicinal herbs, CBD concentrates, CBD Rso, kava, mushrooms, loose tea, CBD vape pens, CBD flower, topicals, CBD edibles, essential oils, and smudge sticks. The products we curate help with the most common issues including joint and muscle pain, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, energy, and arousal and more. Did you know there's a variety of cannabis (THC) alternatives for euphoria and relaxation? We carry that too! Find Damiana, Blue Lotus, Wild Lettuce and Wild Dagga which are all herbs useful for treating the same things cannabis helps with. They can be smoked, taken as teas or capsules. Lumi's goal was to make it easier to understand and find plant medicine options that work. You don't have to be an herbalist to find benefit from plants. We can help you understand the options. With our shop we focus on carrying the best products so our customers find the most benefit from their purchase. Some of the brands you'll find include Moodbeli, DoTerra, Wyld, Host Defense, Feral Fungi, Tea Chai Te, Eastfork Cultivars, DanoDans, Greater Goods, Mission Chocolate, Flora Sophia, Quill, Flint, and Pax.

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