Everyone knows they “shouldn’t” eat supplements after expiration…but what if you have a container of CBD capsules that just passed the manufacturer’s expiration date? Would it be unsafe to use CBD extracts if they’ve expired? How long does CBD last anyway? 

If you’re staring at a CBD product that has passed its posted shelf-life, you need to know the risks associated with using an expired supplement. It’s also crucial for customers to understand how to store their CBD to guarantee their hemp stays fresh for the longest time possible.  

Wait, Doesn’t CBD Last For A Really Long Time? 

Although CBD has a long shelf-life, it won’t stay fresh forever. Over time, the CBD in your oils, capsules, or edibles will steadily degrade, thus reducing the potency of your chosen product. On average, it appears CBD can remain shelf-stable for about one year. Some argue CBD may remain bioavailable for two years if you store your product in the fridge.  

Please remember this doesn’t mean a CBD item has a shelf-life of one year when it arrives at your door. Whatever CBD oil you’re buying was probably manufactured long ago, and it may have been sitting on a store’s shelves for weeks or months. The manufacturer’s expiration date is supposed to give you a reasonable estimate for when this product will lose potency, considering when it was made. 

Also, expiration dates on products like CBD oil assume you’re storing them properly (i.e., in a cool, dark, and dry space). 

Is It Unsafe To Use An Expired CBD Product? 

If you have a high-quality CBD oil that has third-party lab tests and zero artificial ingredients, eating an expired CBD item is probably “safe.” Since there are zero traces of toxins in these lab-screened items, there’s little chance harmful chemicals will leach into the CBD supplements over time. That being said, there’s always a slight risk of contamination as a supplement degrades, so inspect your items for warning signs like a rancid odor or mildew. 

While it’s not “unsafe” to use high-quality CBD products after expiration, you probably won’t notice significant benefits. Even if you took care to store your CBD properly, it’s likely there won’t be as much CBD in these old items. Please don’t expect to feel the complete posted milligram count if you use a CBD item after it expires. 

If possible, it’s always best to use a CBD oil that has plenty of time before its expiration date. 

Store Your CBD Properly For The Max Shelf Life!

How you store your CBD will determine how long it retains its max potency. To ensure your CBD stays fresh, please put your supplements in a reliably cool, dark, and dry space. Heat, light, and moisture will always diminish CBD’s effectiveness. 

You don’t need to store CBD supplements in the fridge, but some people prefer to do so if they buy in bulk. The cooler temperatures in a refrigerator can extend your CBD oil’s shelf life, but it’s usually unnecessary unless you’re sure you won’t finish your CBD before the expiration date. 

For more tips on safely using and buying CBD items, please check out Real Tested CBD’s blog. Our hemp experts constantly publish helpful tips to ensure you have the best CBD experience imaginable. Also, please check out our hundreds of CBD brand reviews to help you on your hemp shopping journey.

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