Cannabis has had a long association with big-picture thinkers and visionary artists. Even today, many prominent musicians claim marijuana is their “muse.” Supposedly, the psychoactive effects of delta-9 THC seem to open new ideas and possibilities for creative types. 

Since delta-8 THC shares many of delta-9’s properties, people in the artistic community want to know whether it could enhance their creative endeavors. Will lighting a delta-8 hemp joint make tokers literary geniuses, or are delta-8’s “creative benefits” total hopium. 

Can Delta-8 Products Make People Extra Poetic? 

To date, no clinical trials have examined delta-8’s effect on creativity. However, a few studies suggest that its “cousin cannabinoid” delta-9 THC may make people extra imaginative. 

While ultra-high doses of delta-9 often hinder productivity and clear thinking, microdoses seem to impact creativity. There’s also evidence that people who aren’t naturally creative have an easier time coming up with imaginative responses after taking delta-9 THC.

However, some researchers have pointed out that creative types have always gravitated towards cannabis. Therefore, it’s difficult to say whether delta-9 THC helps strengthen a person’s imaginative powers or if creative people just enjoy weed.

So, delta-9 may help more left-brained people get their “creative juices” flowing, but it’s challenging to prove THC helped every artist create their masterpieces. Plus, since creativity is so subjective, there may never be a way to “know” whether THC makes people more creative. 

That being said, many anecdotal testimonies suggest THC helps artists overcome creative blocks by “expanding their consciousness.” Since delta-9 THC is psychoactive, it can alter a person’s perception of time, space, and causality. Plus, certain weed strains have been known to heighten awareness, which may have something to do with THC’s “creative boost.”

Since delta-8 is closely related to delta-9, most people suspect it has similar effects on creativity. However, we will need more research into this field to fully explain how delta-8 helps artists. 

How Should People Use Delta-8 For Creativity? 

No two people react to delta-8 THC in the same way. Some customers may experience paranoia with a moderate dose, while others may need heavy doses to feel gentle sedation. It will take a few delta-8 sessions before you find the right amount of this cannabinoid for your body type. 

If it’s your first time using any THC extract, you should start with a delta-8 dose of ≤ 5 mg to avoid adverse reactions like paranoia. Only increase your delta-8 exposure in small increments each day, and stop using this cannabinoid if you feel adverse side effects. 

There’s no “special way” to use delta-8 to enhance creativity. However, many artists suggest it’s better to use microdoses of delta-8 if you’re trying to overcome “writer’s block.” Delta-8 tends to induce a “body-heavy” effect on people that veers on the sedating side. 

The more delta-8 you use, the more likely it will put you to sleep or trigger a panic attack. So, if you want to remain semi-productive while using delta-8, you’ll have a better chance with a low dose of this cannabinoid.  

Explore Delta-8’s Many Fascinating Traits On Real Tested CBD! 

Delta-8 may not turn you into Dante Alighieri, but it might help you see things from a different perspective. If you’re struggling with an artistic task, testing a lab-verified delta-8 product may be worthwhile. Just be sure you scan each delta-8 item’s third-party lab results to ensure you’re getting a high-quality product. 
If you’re still hesitant to try delta-8 THC near me, we recommend reviewing all the information on Real Tested CBD. In fact, we have an entire Delta-8 Resource Page filled with info on the science behind this cannabinoid and the latest and greatest delta-8 brands.

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