Over the last few years, CBD has become a major player in the health and wellness fields and beyond. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a compound naturally derived in cannabis Sativa and hemp plants. It has been found to contain vital antioxidants and strong anti-inflammatory properties that show beneficial for things from anxiety and stress relief to pain management and aid. 

There are countless products available when it comes to CBD on the market these days, especially when looking to buy CBD online. When it comes to finding quality CBD products, fact-checking with third-party lab test results is the best way to ensure a legitimate CBD purchase. Real Tested CBD is a leading name in the world of CBD product reviews and independent lab testing. We give you everything you need to know before buying CBD online, from pesticide and solvent test results to potency and label claim fact-checking. Turn to Real Tested CBD and our expert scorecard rating system to get the best CBD product for individual needs, in just about any form you can think of. Today we bring you Colorado Botanicals, and we think you might like what you see from our expert product review.

Colorado Botanicals – Real Tested CBD Review

“Using organic farming practices and years of experience cultivating this remarkable plant, we’re able to maximize the true potential of hemp. From the quality-tested oil, curing of the plants, to the proprietary extraction. These are all necessary steps in order to preserve as many cannabinoids and terpenes as possible. We take great lengths to go above and beyond with our high standards & quality control to make each and every batch.” -Colorado Botanicals

Colorado Botanicals Alleviate CBD Salve – 500mg

Colorado Botanicals Salve

First up we have Colorado Botanicals Alleviate CBD Salve with a recommendation from our expert review. This CBD salve contains 622mg of CBD, more than the label claim, as well as almost 10mg of CBC. This salve passed the solvent and pesticide test with flying colors and offers a great value for dollar amount per mg of active CBD. With a score of 85, this salve ranks third in our Best CBD Salves category. 

Colorado Botanicals CBD Oil – Peppermint – 750mg & 300mg

Colorado Botanicals Peppermint CBD Oil

Next, we have Colorado Botanicals Peppermint CBD Oil, with a score of 85 on our expert scale. This oil has a great peppermint flavor, making it easy for sublingual consumption. We found no rare cannabinoids besides CBD, but this oil did pass all solvent and pesticide tests. There is nearly 850mg of CBD in this oil in the packaged 750mg container, higher than the label claim, so our experts do give it an acceptable recommendation. The 300mg CBD also tested slightly above the label claim with 350mg, making it great starting oil for new CBD users. Both these oils tested completely THC free, also ideal for anyone with drug testing concerns.

Colorado Botanicals Hemp-Infused CBD Gummies – 25mg

Colorado Botanicals Orange CBD Gummies

Last, but not least, is Colorado Botanicals Hemp-Infused Gummies. These tasty orange-flavored gummies come 30 per package, with an overall CBD amount over 1000mg per package, far above the label claim. These CBD gummies have a great value, about $0.05/mg of CBD. Our experts give these gummies a score of 85, ranking them third in our Best CBD Gummies category. We hoped to see more rare cannabinoids in these gummies but overall enjoy these quality CBD gummies. They did test THC free, unlike some other gummies we have reviewed, making them a smart choice for anyone subject to drug testing or not seeking the entourage effect.

Finding a reliable CBD product online can be made easy by turning to third-party lab test results. Ensure you are actually getting your bang for your buck and purchasing a legit CBD product that works. When it comes to Colorado Botanicals the quality and reliability are definitely there. Always turn to Real Tested CBD for your most reliable and unbiased product reviews. For more Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlights, click here.

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