For some people, partying is second nature. However, there are plenty of folks who fear party atmospheres. Indeed, recent reports suggest that at least 12 percent of Americans have social anxiety disorder (SAD). Even in small group settings, patients with social anxiety disorder often feel “out of place.”

Thankfully, CBD shows promise as a “party pooper preventer!” Heck, there are even CBD-themed parties nowadays! Whether you’re a SAD patient or you want a way to “brighten” your party atmosphere, CBD oil may be worth a shot. 

Why Is Hemp CBD Such A Hit At Parties?  

The top reason people love using CBD products at parties is simple: CBD has anti-stress properties. There are now many clinical trials that show CBD oil works better than placebos for social anxiety. There are also countless anecdotal testimonies from anxiety patients that love using CBD edibles, oils, and vape carts before stressful events. 

Why does CBD seem to work so well on anxiety conditions? There are many theories on why CBD helps with stress, but most center around its effect on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Unlike the high-inducing THC, CBD doesn’t attach directly to our brain’s CB1 receptors. Instead, researchers believe CBD helps influence the production of natural compounds called “endocannabinoids” that regulate mood.

Scientists have discovered that CBD enhances the “bliss molecule” anandamide. CBD may also help spur the reuptake of serotonin, which is often called the “happy neurotransmitter.” Many trials suggest people with anxiety issues have abnormal serotonin levels

Please remember that CBD capsules don’t relax people like THC products do. CBD is non-intoxicating, so there’s no risk of feeling “high” after taking high-quality hemp-derived CBD oil. Instead, people who take CBD tend to report a greater sense of awareness and a decrease in tension — both of which are ideal for frenetic party atmospheres!  

What Are The Best CBD Products For Parties?

A great feature of using CBD for parties is that customers have so many products to choose from. Whether you want to use CBD before a big event or you want to bring CBD “center stage,” there are creative ways to incorporate this cannabinoid into your party. 

For instance, some people love smoking or vaping CBD hemp flowers, e-juices, or vape pods. These methods of ingestion deliver CBD directly to your bloodstream, which translates to potent and fast-acting effects. While this may be too intense for new CBD consumers, it’s arguably the fastest way to banish anxiety at a party. 

However, if you’re headed to a formal party atmosphere, chances are you won’t be smoking CBD hemp joints with family and friends. In these instances, you’ll need a more inconspicuous way to enjoy CBD’s benefits. 

For slow-acting effects, it’s best to take a CBD gummy or capsule about 30 minutes before your scheduled event. These items take longer to get in your system, but they will have a noticeable “mellowing out” quality once they kick in. 

For more immediate relief from CBD, consider taking a CBD oil or tincture sublingually (i.e., under the tongue). The sublingual glands immediately absorb CBD into your bloodstream, so you don’t have to wait so long to feel CBD’s soothing properties. For more pronounced effects, take your CBD tincture with a fatty meal. There’s scientific evidence that our bodies absorb more CBD when it’s paired with high-fat foods. 

Test Your CBD “Party Goods” On Real Tested CBD!

For many partygoers, CBD adds “good vibes” to their experience — unless they’re using a low-quality hemp extract. Unfortunately, there are many CBD manufacturers putting out hemp products that contain high concentrations of toxic compounds or illegal levels of delta-9 THC. 

The only way to be sure your CBD oil is “as advertised” is to consult a third-party lab test. You can learn more about how to properly screen CBD brands on Real Tested CBD. We have countless unbiased reviews of CBD products to help you pick the perfect product for your next party.

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