colton meekins's Review of XFusion Smoke n Vape

colton meekins

I’ve spent $600 a week in this store, I know the employees by first name. I go everyday and buy my wife who has pancreatic cancer 7OHMZ Kratom tablets. The product helps her very much with pain. They were buy two get one free at $32.99 each. They said that their promotion ran out and no longer offer the product. They buy the product through OPMS which is another brand of Kratom capsules. I asked if all the opms products lost the promotion and they said no. Just the one product that I buy $500-$700 a week of. Now my wife has a tolerance for the tablets and is either forced to take a smaller dose and be in pain (not an option for me) or my bill rises 33% I also have been loyal and have referred 30 or more of my friends and family to xfusion. Unfortunately, they are the only shop that sells the product. I really liked the store, I spoke so very highly about the owners and their employees. I thought we had become friends so to speak, but it’s business.

1131 E Silver Spring Blvd, Ocala, FL 34470