Diana D.'s Review of Royal Greens Dispensary

Diana D.

This place would have gotten five stars plus from me however today I walked in and I was sold a old and I mean very old batch of weed check out the picture below. The weed was grown last year where in 2023 and this weed was from April 2022. Are you freaking kidding me and I was charged about $50 for this eighth. I specifically told the girl with the blonde that eyebrows I want is 7 g I feel as though she charged me the 7 g and gave me the eighth. It is not the first time that they mess up at the shop so be careful guys my homeboy he paid an eighth one time and got 2x 7G bags. Good for my homeboy, but what about me? I've been ripped off today. The weed is very dry. As I am breaking it down, you could even see the dust just in the air. That's how old this weed is. I am very upset and I will never go here again.

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5067 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016