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Are you looking for premium quality CBD products? Look no further than I Heart CBD in North Charleston. We are your one-stop shop for all things hemp and herbal. Whether you are looking for oils, supplements, topicals, edibles, vaping supplies or personal care products, we've got something for you. Our extensive selection includes CBD oils, vape juices, CBD gummies, pain relief creams, bath bombs, hemp flower and so much more. We understand that taking care of your body is of paramount importance which is why we only use the purest ingredients. All of our products are tested by a 3rd party, so you are sure to get the best quality. Stop by and talk with one of our CBD experts today to see how CBD can help you!

What is Delta 8?
Delta 8 is a type of cannabis product that exists in the space between marijuana and CBD. While it has similarities to both, it is its own product.
The product is a derivative of hemp. Delta 8 itself is what happens when the THC in legally usable THC is converted to Delta 8. Unlike CBD, Delta 8 is reported to actually make people feel a degree of intoxication. It is not quite as intense as marijuana, but users do report a mild euphoria and a change in perception of reality. A variety of anecdotal reports exist about the effects of the substance, with users reporting this type of high. For example, one user reports feeling energized and able to conduct more work. Others have said it helps them feel less anxious and that it reduces pain and anxiety.
Delta 8 exists in an interesting legal space between marijuana and hemp. It is currently legal at the federal level – or at least it isn’t illegal. However, thus far, many states have banned Delta-8, with more following, arguing that it is essentially a drug. Furthermore, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration has proposed banning Delta 8, so how long the product is on the market may be in the air. However, for the moment, unless you live in a state in which Delta 8 has been banned, its purchase, use, and transportation are perfectly legal.
Like CBD products, Delta 8 is available in many forms. These include edibles like gummies, vape cartridges, tinctures, and smokable rocks.