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Amore Flower is a CBD brand that sells a variety of CBD hemp strains, CBD flower products, CBD prerolls, CBD smokes, and more! Amore also sells a 99% Pure CBD isolate, as well. Amore CBD is located in Snohomish, Washington.

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We have had the chance to test several Amore CBD products, and you can find the test results, as well as the Amore CBD reviews here at Real Tested CBD. As with all of our reviews, each product is tested in our independent, 3rd-party lab, with COAs published! Make sure you know what's in your CBD.
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amore flower co. cbd prerolls lifter

Amore Flower Co. CBD Prerolls Lifter

Amore Flower Co. CBD Prerolls Lifter gets a recommended rating from our expert CBD review staff. These hemp prerolls are packed with cannabinoids, passed pesticide testing, heavy metal testing, and moisture testing, and are reasonably priced (just $0.03/mg CBD).

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Overall Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Amore Flower Co. CBD

Our independent lab testing showed that Amore Flower Co. CBD products are high-quality. We highly recommend their usage due to the positive results.
Amore Flower Co. offers CBD products formulated with full-spectrum CBD. These CBD products should contain cannabis-derived cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, as well as THC. The CBD products are formulated with THC-free CBD, meaning they should contain THC.
CBD products contain between 3.5mg and 28mg of CBD.
Amore Flower Co. offers CBD extracts, plants, and cigarettes. The CBD extract, cigarettes, and plants can be smoked with the same method you enjoy smoking any other plant or tobacco product.

From Amore: Organic hemp farming not only brings exceptional quality to our smokes, but it's also an easy way to put the carbon back into our soil while building soil fertility and reducing waste, grow after grow. Now that's Amore.™