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Transparency For All

Why We exist

Real Tested CBD is a  platform that provides tested lab results of the most popular CBD products on the market, for free. Real Tested CBD was designed to distill facts from fallacies. Walk into any supermarket, yoga studio, airport or golf pro-shop and you’ll find CBD  for sale. You will sometimes find an ingredients label. But oftentimes you will not find testing results associated with that particular CBD product. Until now. Utilizing real, empirical data from our partners at , we will show you what’s really in your CBD. And always totally free to the user because we think this information should be available to all.

Types of CBD Products We've Tested

Find Delta-8 THC Products for Sale Near You!

Real Tested CBD has watched Delta-8 THC products get more popular over the past months, so as a result, we have started testing and reviewing d8 products! Take a look below at different Delta-8 brands, the best Delta-8 products, and a Delta-8 store finder, where you can purchase delta-8 products in person near you!

What Can You Expect From Us


Real Lab Testing

  • is owned by Living Senior LLC. It works exclusively with Earth Labs, an elite third-party lab in Irvine, CA. Earth Labs has a huge experience testing consumer products, especially those in the legal cannabis and hemp space. In addition the analysis equipment they use is some of the latest and most advanced in the industry. See the official Earth Lab Testing Report PDFs attached to every product we review.


Product Transparency

We want to see the nascent hemp and CBD industry do amazing. We are NOT here to fail everyone’s product and point fingers. We are here to help every manufacturer stay true to their promises to the consumer. The vast majority of people making CBD products are good, honest people. We want to ensure those good people continue to flourish by frankly doing the job we wish the government did on its own accord.



Honest Reviews

Each product on is given an expert review by our team of dedicated researchers. We also allow the community to weigh in and post their own reviews on every product we’ve tested. After all, no matter what the numbers say here, it’s all about how it feels to you at the end of the day.

Like a Certain Product or brand?

Explore What Puts These CBD Products and Brands On Top


Tree-Rolls – Real Tested CBD Top Picks Brand Feature

Shopping for CBD can be done just about anywhere these days. Whether it’s a dispensary, health foods store or an online retailer, cannabinoids are everywhere. But does that mean all the products available are of equal high-quality? Unfortunately, the answer is no.  Finding a high-quality CBD product that is safe,

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How Is Delta-8 THC Made?

How Is Delta-8 THC Made?

Though delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may be the most well-known cannabinoid, it has a counterpart on the rise: delta-8 THC. Scientists and researchers believe there are

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