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Click below to see all delta-8 THC product reviews for that particular d8-THC brand. We have tested several brands that sell delta-8 THC products in the hemp industry, and we’re testing more every week. Delta-8 THC products are rising in popularity, but it is important that consumers understand what exactly is in those products. Unlike other membership sites, we provide all of this information for free, as we feel it is important for consumers to have. We appreciate when d8-THC products actually match the label claims, and would like to see more THC brands being transparent with their test results & products. Many d8-THC brands provide safe & effective products, but that isn’t to say there aren’t companies out there that should be avoided. Make sure that you are purchasing d8-THC products from a company whose products have been tested by a third-party lab like Real Tested CBD. Click the links if you’d rather browse through CBD brands, or different CBD products.

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