Everything You Need to Know About Delta-8 THC

The cannabis and hemp industries have evolved greatly over the past few decades. As research advances, so do the number of products available today. CBD can be purchased across all of the 50 states and medical marijuana is now legal in dozens of states and recreational use has been decriminalized ...

How Is Delta-8 THC Made?

Though delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may be the most well-known cannabinoid, it has a counterpart on the rise: delta-8 THC. Scientists and researchers believe there are over 120 different cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants, and delta-8 is the newest to emerge.  Delta-8 THC is an ...

Benefits of Delta-8 THC

Holistic health care and medicine are ever on the rise throughout the United States and over the past decade, cannabis research and reform have both progressed along with this wellness movement. The cannabis and hemp industries have reached new milestones, with consumers becoming more aware and ...

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

There is a new buzzword when it comes to the hemp and cannabis industries, with a new cannabinoid on the rise. You’ve likely heard of some of the more popular cannabinoids like CBD and THC, but have you learned about Delta-8 THC? This variant of its commonly known cousin tetrahydrocannabinol is ...

Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9 THC: How Do They Differ?

When most people think of THC, they think of delta-9 THC – the cannabinoid that can get you high when smoked, eaten or vaped. However, delta-9 is just one form of THC that can be naturally produced in cannabis and hemp plants. So, what are the differences between the cannabinoids and how could ...

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