Austin & Kat is a CBD company who sells a variety of CBD products. It was started by Kat, in an effort to help find a way for her dog, Austin, to live a happier life. Austin & Kat sell a variety of different CBD oils: Brady’s Senior Formula, Bakko’s Hip and Joint CBD oil, Austin’s Active Recovery CBD oil, and more.

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We had a chance to test some of Austin and Kat's CBD products, and you can find the test results as well as Austin & Kat reviews by clicking on the individual products below. Make sure to take a look at the test results so you know what's in your CBD products!
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austin & kat hemp extract cbd oil 2400 mg

Austin & Kat Hemp Extract CBD Oil 2400 mg

Austin & Kat High Potency Hemp Extract CBD Oil 2400 mg for pets gets an acceptable rating from our expert CBD review staff. This product's test results showed minimal quantities of cannabinoids other than CBD. It does, however, contain well over the advertised 2400mg (coming in at over 2700 mg of CBD). This high-potency CBD oil for pets also passed pesticide & residual solvent tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Austin and Kat CBD

Following our extensive research, we at Real Tested CBD have come to the conclusion that Austin And Kat CBD products have some of the best quality CBD you can find on the market today. We definitely recommend trying Austin And Kat CBD as thorough lab testing returned quite positive results and left us impressed with the brand. When putting the price tag of Austin And Kat CBD products side by side with their evaluations for quality level, Real Tested CBD sees the customer receiving superb value for their purchase. Austin And Kat CBD products were found to be easy to use, while we were very satisfied with the shipping cost and delivery time. If you've yet to try any Austin And Kat CBD products, you can rest assured you'll be treating yourself to some high-quality CBD. You can check out Austin And Kat customer reviews by scrolling up.
Austin and Kat offers a variety of CBD products, including full-spectrum CBD products, broad-spectrum CBD products, and CBD isolate products.
Austin And Kat CBD products contain between 100mg and 900mg of CBD.
Austin And Kat CBD products include oils and treats for both humans and pets. Austin and Kat CBD oils can be consumed straight from the dropper, added to your favorite food or drink, or applied topically. Austin and Kat CBD oil for pets can be administered to pets by dropping it directly into their mouths or mixing it with their food or water. CBD treats make for great snacks for both yourself and your pet.

From the manufacturer: 5 years ago I began a journey to discover an all-natural way for my dogs to live a healthier, happier, and calmer life. The results were so dramatic that I started a company to share my recipe with owners looking to give their pets the best life that they can. Austin and Kat began at home in my kitchen, where I first started baking CBD rich hemp to help Brady, my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, cope with the symptoms of older age. He still had his bright, colorful spirit, but at 12 years old, he was beginning to need some help getting up in the morning—and getting around throughout the day. I tried countless nutritional supplements and natural remedies in hopes of finding one that could help put the spring back in Brady’s step. A seemingly never ending quest, it was quite the happy day when I stumbled across cannabidiol (CBD). Still in its early stages, CBD had already shown significant benefits for dogs - especially aging ones. After checking in with our vet, Dr. Mike, and getting the go-ahead, Brady and I decided to give it a try.