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CBD Research Labs is a division of Newport Cosmeceuticals. CBD Research Labs sells a variety of unique CBD products, such as Cryo Pain Relief Gel, and Cryo Pain Relief Roll-On. CBD Research Labs claims to have the world’s most advanced pain relief gel.

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We have had a chance to test a few of CBD Research Labs products, and you can find the test results, as well as the CBD Research Labs reviews by clicking on the individual products below.

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Is CBD Research Labs a good CBD brand?
Our lab test results on CBD Research Labs CBD products showed they have below-average quality CBD. You can definitely find much better quality CBD elsewhere on the market.
Is CBD Research Labs full spectrum?
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From CBD Research Labs:

CBD Research Labs is a division of Newport Cosmeceuticals. Our core mission is to help people feel better, as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Utilizing our 25 years of scientific research & clinical development, we have studied the benefits of 100% THC-Free Cannabidiol. Our flagship product, Cryo Pain Relief, is the fastest acting and deepest penetrating muscle and joint pain reliever on the market.

As the advancements in CDB research grows daily, CBD Research Labs will continue educate the general public, apply scientific findings, and develop products that deliver real results. All of our extensive testing and formulation development is done under a strict quality-controlled environment at our FDA licensed facility, adhering to USP Manufacturing Standards.

Our proof is in the science, and science is what we do best.