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CBD Genesis is a CBD and Delta-8 THC brand that is located in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. They sell a wide variety of different products including CBD edibles, CBD flower, CBD tinctures, delta-8 edibles, d8 carts, delta-8 flower, delta-9 products, delta-10 products, and more!

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We have had a chance to test several CBD Genesis Delta-8 THC products. You can find the results of those tests (COAs), as well as CBD Genesis d8 reviews by clicking on the individual products below. Make sure to check out the COA that is listed on every product! We test every delta-8 product that is listed on our site in our 3rd-party lab.

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CBD Genesis Delta 8 THC Blunt gets an acceptable rating from our expert CBD review staff. Although this product is completely fine to be consumed, it almost seems as if it's a CBD blunt that is marketed as a delta-8 blunt. This Delta-8 blunt contains almost 800mg of CBD, and only 55mg of Delta-8 THC. That being said, it is inexpensive for a CBD blunt ($0.03/mg of CBD), and also passed pesticide testing, residual solvent testing, and heavy metal testing
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