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Favor CBD is a CBD company that sells a variety of CBD beauty products, as well as consumable CBD products. Favor CBD sells disposable CBD pens, CBD tinctures, body lotions with CBD, CBD lip balms, CBD body oil, CBD face mist, and more!

Favor CBD
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Take a look at some of the Favor CBD products that we have tested & reviewed below. Like all CBD products that we list on our site, these have been tested in an independent, 3rd-party lab, & reviewed by our team of experts. Check out our Favor CBD review today!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Favor CBD
Is Favor CBD a good CBD brand?
Favor CBD products have great quality CBD. Independent lab testing returned quite positive results and left us impressed with the brand. Real Tested CBD sees the customer receiving great value for their purchase.
Is Favor CBD full spectrum?
How much CBD is in Favor CBD products?
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From the manufacturer:

Life happens. And it’s beautiful, exciting, fun. We wanted to create products that would help enhance life experiences in an approachable way. There is a lot of hype around hemp. And for good reason. We’re human beings. We experience pain, anxiety, insomnia, stress. But physical, mental or spiritual limitations shouldn’t keep anyone from experiencing life. So naturally, we wanted to create product lines that make hemp conveniently available for everyone in any situation.

Life is for living and living it to the fullest. And sometimes we just want to chill and have a good time. So we created three convenient ways to access broad spectrum hemp in a way that’s convenient, enjoyable, accessible, and acceptable for anyone in any situation. We offer broad spectrum hemp in disposable pen, tincture, and lotion forms. If you’re at the office, on a commute, or on the dance floor Favor can be there.