Kana Skincare is a CBD skincare company that sells a variety of skincare products, which contain CBD and other beneficial substances. Kana Skincare is located in Los Angeles, California, and sells CBD sleeping masks, CBD facial oil, and more.

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We had a chance to test some of Kana Skincare's CBD products, and you can find the test results as well as the Kana Skincare reviews by clicking on the individual products below. Make sure to take a close look at the test results. Know what's in your CBD!
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kana skincare hemp sleeping mask – lavender

Kana Skincare Hemp Sleeping Mask – Lavender

Unfortunately, Kana Skincare Hemp Sleeping Mask - Lavender contains such a small amount of CBD (and no other cannabinoids), it's hard for us to recommend this product. It may be a fantastic skincare product, but it does not contain enough CBD to be considered a fantastic CBD product.

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Overall Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Kana Skincare CBD

Following our extensive research, we at Real Tested CBD have come to the conclusion that Kana Skincare CBD products have above average quality CBD. You are likely to find much better quality CBD elsewhere on the market. We can say Kana Skincare CBD is worth a try as thorough lab testing returned decent results and left us mildly satisfied with the brand. When putting the price tag of Kana Skincare CBD products side by side with their evaluations for quality, Real Tested CBD sees the customer receiving somewhat poor value for their purchase. Kana Skincare CBD products were found to be perfectly easy to use, while we were very satisfied with the shipping cost and delivery time. If other CBD brands haven't cut it for you, or if you're looking to experiment with a new CBD brand, Kana Skincare CBD might be worth a try. You can check out Kana Skincare customer reviews by scrolling up.
Kana Skincare offers CBD products formulated with CBD isolate. Also referred to as “pure CBD”, CBD isolate is created through a chemical process that removes other cannabinoids, terpenes, and botanical compounds.
Kana Skincare CBD products contain between 30mL and 150mL of topical CBD products.
Kana Skincare CBD body lotion, balm, facial oil, toner, and sleeping mask should be used on the body part it is intended to be used for.

From Kana Skincare: Skincare of the New Age Experience the healing powers of secret beauty recipes of Korea. We combined health + beauty in a jar from the best of both worlds. Lay back, relax, and allow your skin to transform to the best version of itself. With the highest quality ingredients, we create original recipes of vegan based, cruelty/paraben free skincare for you in Los Angeles, California.