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Liquid Earth is a CBD retailer located in California that sells CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD creams, and CBD for pets. They are a research & development company, who also manufactures a line of Whole Hemp OIl Products.

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Our independent, 3rd-party lab had the opportunity to test several of Liquid Earth's CBD products. Find the results of the tests below, along with our expert review of Liquid Earth CBD products.

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Is Liquid Earth CBD a good CBD brand?
Liquid Earth CBD is worth a try as thorough lab testing returned decent results and left us mildly satisfied with the brand.
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From the manufacturer:

Liquid Earth is a research & development company, which also manufactures a proprietary line of CBD or Hemp Oil products. In addition, Liquid Earth is an e-commerce marketing company passionately committed to producing in the United States of America the world’s finest hemp-based health products.

Our team is comprised of expert growers, scientists, manufacturers, customer service and talented marketing personnel. The Liquid Earth team deeply understands that hemp is a gift from Mother Nature of inestimable value. Hence, the name of our company and products define the natural hemp oil as the “liquid” that comes from the Earth.