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Unfortunately, it looks like Reefined CBD has shut down. We have not been able to get in contact with their company. Also, they are still accepting money for orders on their site, so please be wary.

Reefined CBD is a retailer of various different CBD products including CBD tablets, CBD muscle gel roll ons, full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, and more! Reefined CBD is located in Colorado, and that is where they source their hemp for their CBD products from.

From Reefined CBD:
Our CBD products are strictly organic with no chemical additives, while we grow our hemp plant under the best environmental conditions in Colorado. The manufacturing process follows a strict method that retains all the valuable properties of the hemp plant while eliminating most occurrences of THC. To ensure the quality of our products, they are lab tested and confirmed to be GMO-free, leading us to have Good Manufacturing Practice Certification.

Overall Quality
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We have had a chance to test several Reefined CBD products, and you can find the test results as well as Reefined CBD reviews here at Real Tested CBD. As with all CBD products that we list on our site, the the products below have been independently tested by our 3rd party lab for added transparency.

  • All products test accurately to the label claim for CBD

  • All products passed residual solvent & pesticide testing

  • Lab reports listed on Reefined CBD's site

  • Fairly limited product line (for now)

  • They appear to have shut down their company, but left the ability to purchase products up on their site

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