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Vermont Organic Science is a CBD retailer out of the state of Vermont. cbdVOS sells a variety of CBD products (mainly CBD oils in different strengths and flavors), but have more CBD products on the horizon that will be released soon!

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We had a chance to test some of Vermont Organic Science's CBD products, and you can find the independent COAs (test results), as well as the Vermont Organic Science CBD reviews here at Real Tested CBD.

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cbdVOS 500mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Mint Flavor gets a highly recommended rating from our expert CBD review staff. This full-spectrum oil is the same quality oil you can expect from Vermont Organic Science's 1250mg full-spectrum oil. It's packed with cannabinoids that we like to see in full-spectrum CBD oils, is appropriately priced, and passed residual solvent & pesticide tests. This product also tests extremely accurately to the label claim (just 22mg over for CBD).
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Frequently Asked Questions about Vermont Organic Science CBD
Is Vermont Organic Science CBD a good CBD brand?
Vermont Organic Science CBD products have some of the highest-quality CBD you can find on the market today. We highly recommend them as thorough lab testing returned highly positive results.
Is Vermont Organic Science CBD full spectrum?
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From Vermont Organic Science:

Our mission is quality. Our unique processing methods retain all the natural goodness of the whole plant. We remove nothing, and add nothing except fine organic essential oils and waxes. We combine proprietary technology with our patent pending ESCET methodology to organically extract all the essential oils from the plant. No one produces finer CBD products. All of our batches come with a certificate of analysis: we guarantee the CBD content.