Amber B.'s Review of Royal Greens Dispensary

Amber B.

My twin went to this shithole to blow a bag and the lady with blonde hair and face tattoos and the manager were hella rude. They could've gained a new customer that would've faithfully spent $200+ a week, but rather they're getting this terrible review. The lady gave my twin the completely wrong order and when my twin returned to exchange, she had the audacity to be rude af! I'm sorry, but aren't marijuana stores supposed to be catalysts for a chill vibe and relaxation? Instead, they stressed my twin out and left her with raised stress and anxiety levels. If I would've gone with my twin and witnessed the extreme disrespect and atrocious behavior, it. would've. gone. DOWN. This is coming from someone who has a masters degree in public relations and marketing and I currently work in advertising, y'all could use my services. And I dare the manager to respond back, but he won't. Because clearly, he doesn't care about his business or being a decent human being. All of that to say, would I recommend to a friend? If I didn't give a shit about that friendship, YES.

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5067 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016