Jaybyrd Aquatics's Review of The King of Vape

Jaybyrd Aquatics

Worst store out of the entire batch in the local area. It seems to gone downhill 6+ months ago once they got this new management that took over. This guy is a tool. Has no customer service. Very aggressive and rude. I don’t even understand how he got the job, He has to be a cousin. Nephew or brother of one of the owners you know the type that only gets the job because daddy made a phone call. They don’t honor any of the promotions that all the other stores offer even when you tell them to look up your purchase history, or bring in receipts to prove that you purchased that particular item or those particular items from the Santa Barbara store, they still say it’s impossible or there must’ve been an employee error but yet I go to Del Prado and I get charged the same price I go to Fort Myers I get charged the same price as well as Pine Island . From what I’ve heard, and I cannot put names to the boys, but from other employees that have work there have now relocated to other locations because of how they were treated by this awesome gentleman of a manager I just hope one day the owners can really see firsthand that this guy is bad for business and should not be running their store. I can almost guarantee that ever since this guy took over as the new manager, their numbers have gone down, because I know a lot of my friends have stopped going to this location because of the Customer Service the arrogance and the complete disrespect from the employees. Please don’t get this wrong not all of the employees at Santa Barbara are rude or nasty but there is a handful and I could only chalk that up to , their buddy buddy with this new manager but me and a lot of my friends will no longer use that store anymore. We are loyal King of Vape customers so we will just continue to use the Del Prado pine Island and 41 locations because I will not give Santa Barbara another dime of my money , and if that was the only king of Vape in my area, I would have to find another vape store. Luckily it’s not so that now I could just go to another location and get what I need management. If you read these comments get rid of this Manager before it’s too late and affect your bottom line.

3032 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33914