Joe Herring's Review of Curaleaf – Bonita Springs

Joe Herring

Very badly run location. Placed an online order, arrived 10 minutes into my scheduled time, checked in and sat for 20 minutes. Watched at least 8 people walk in, place an order in store and be served before my order was filled. Asked about my order with Jack who was working the front door and was told by Jack that there was no online order. I explained that I had just checked in with him and he confirmed I had an order. Jack said my order was not ready because it is a large order and that was his only explanation. He wasn't going to go see what was happening, call someone to find out, nothing customer service related at all. I asked to speak to the manager, I think his name was Tyler or Taylor (not sure) and he said the same thing, it's a large order and takes more time. Not quite sure about these guys....please follow along....if you have 8 orders with 2 items each, that totals 16 items, my order was for 13 items. You also have to serve 8 people, my order is for 1 person. Why did they prioritize smaller orders over a larger order? We can take our business elsewhere where prices are less and service also sucks if Curaleaf of Bonita Springs' employees and management doesn't value all of our business.

11721 Bonita Beach Rd SE, Bonita Springs, FL 34135