Kaitlyn E.'s Review of Royal Greens Dispensary

Kaitlyn E.

I was sold a fake Stiizy cartridge from this dispensary‼‼‼ i thought it was weird when my Stiizy started tasting disgusting and burnt and the wax started coming out. I googled to see if this was common and all the things i saw said it could be a counterfeit cartridge. I took it to my normal dispensary and sure enough they told me it was fake. The empty one on the left is the real one and you can see the faded light white stamp on the lip of it. The one that still has wax on the right had no stamp. I attached another picture of the other side of it as well so you can see it has no stamp at all. The guy at my normal shop said thats a key thing to look for in fakes. As well as thinner wax.

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5067 Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016