Silver Perry Hobart's Review of American Pure Vapor

Silver Perry Hobart

I just switched from smoking a pack of Newport 🚬 to vaping 🚭 with the help of American Pure Vapor shop. Rusty was very helpful discussing the perfect delivery device for me, which is a SMOK novo pod loaded up with American Pure Vapor 36%nicotine 4 1/2 pumps minty menthol and the rest tobacco flavor juice. Rusty patiently showed me how to reload the pod. I'm sure I will be trying different flavors and different strength very soon. This place has a large variety of flavors and different types of vape pods, e-cigs and delivery devices to choose from. I highly recommend American Pure Vapor shop for all of your vaping needs and accessories. Month later update: Second time shopping for vape starter equipment Picked up new tank for vape pod and trying a different flavor juice. Stop by and ask Rusty about switching from smoking 🚬 to vaping 🚭 I'm sure you'll find him to be very helpful in your selection. ✅ Nice to see you, Rusty. Thanks!! Next trip I'll have to take a photo. See you in a few weeks! 🙋✌️☮️💗💁‍♀️🚭✨

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