Sunshine Plumbing's Review of T-Rx Pharmacy

Sunshine Plumbing

I can't thank the folks at TRx Pharmacy enough. I came to them with questions about an injectable drug my doctors want to use on me. It was extraordinarily expensive - $13,500 per vial. TRx staff couldn't get the drug because it was a specialty item - but they took time to research it for me, located the manufacturer, got me the contact number and told me to call the manufacturer to explorer the possibility of help paying for the drug since I am a self pay client. That was six months ago. Next week, I will be going through the procedure with this drug in question. It cost me only $3,500. I thank God every moment for the TRx pharmacists. If they hadn't taken the time to help me - walking me through the process without charging me a dime - I would be out of luck and still in pain. You can't imagine what this means to me. They are THE BEST pharmacists in the county. Use them please. You will not me sorry. Miguel Garcilazo. *****

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