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3Chi is a hemp brand that sells a variety of CBD & THC products including Delta 8 THC cartridges, Delta 8 THC gummies, Delta 8 THC Tinctures, Delta 8 THC edibles, CBD vape cartridges, CBD isolate, CBN isolate, THCv isolate, CBG isolate, and more! 3Chi also gives the user the ability to shop by cannabinoid, which is convenient.

From 3Chi:

3Chi was founded by a biochemist with 15 years of product formulation experience after he witnessed the healing powers of hemp firsthand. Since then, 3Chi has focused on cannabinoid research and bringing minor cannabinoids to market in an effort to create the most effective products on the market.After developing a new way to make a pure version of Delta 8 THC from hemp in September 2019, 3Chi was able to offer the USA’s first federally legal THC-dominant product since cannabis prohibition started. From that point on, we have been the leading CBN and Delta-8 distributor in the United States. We offer a range of THC and CBD products for all of your recreational and medicinal needs.

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We have had a chance to test some of 3Chi's products, and you can find the results of those tests, as well as 3Chi Delta 8 THC reviews here at Real Tested CBD! Like all products that we list on Real Tested CBD, each product below has been tested independently at our partner lab, and we provide our own COA for added transparency. Make sure you know what's in your CBD (or THC!)


  • Variety of products sold
  • Ability for user to sort by cannabinoid


  • Lab test page seems to only show delta 8 cartridges

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3chi delta 8 thc oil 1200mg

3Chi Delta 8 THC Oil 1200mg

3Chi Delta 8 THC Oil 1200mg gets a recommended rating from our expert CBD review staff! If you are specifically looking for a high-THC CBD oil, this may be the product for you! It contains a total of around 1,250mg of delta 8 THC, and a total of around 150 mg of delta 9 THC (if you're new to delta-9 THC products, be wary!) This delta 8 THC oil from 3Chi passed residual solvent & pesticide testing (very important for d8 products), and tests accurately to the label claim for delta 8 THC.

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