CBD Drip is a retailer of CBD products out of Newport Beach, California. They carry a variety of CBD products like CBD oils, full spectrum CBD products, CBD tinctures, CBD capsules, CBD pet products, and more. Our team had the chance to test CBD Drip EcoDrip Gold, which is a very low dosage CBD product.

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Real Tested CBD tested CBD Drip EcoDrip Gold, distributed by Eco Sciences, and although it is a very low dosage of CBD, it did test fairly accurately to the label's claim of 7 mg of CBD. The EcoDrip Gold may be a great starter CBD product for someone who is interested in trying CBD in low doses to see how they react to it.
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ecodrip gold by eco sciences

Ecodrip Gold by Eco Sciences

Solid product that tests to the label claim. This is a really tiny dosage but a great way for new users or even those using CBD for the first time. Innovative spray delivery device.

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From the manufacturer: Our story started as any does: with regular people being served a challenge. We were e-liquid artisans at the time, crafting e-liquids for consumers and stores alike. Our e-liquids were a hit, but according to you they were missing a crucial ingredient – CBD. Infusing them with CBD oil was the obvious answer. But when we listened a little more closely we realized you were asking a different question. You wanted to be able to take charge of your wellness. And one-size-fits-all wasn’t the way. So we created an entirely new, entirely tailorable product: the original CBD oil additive.