Shop CBD oil from feals. Feals is a CBD product retailer that specializes in providing CBD oil to the younger masses. We had a chance to test one of feals CBD products, and we have to say: we recommend it. If you’re looking for options in the realm of CBD products, take a look at our best CBD capsules, best CBD oils, and best CBD edibles pages!

User Rating: 3.67 (6 votes)
Real Tested CBD has tested feals CBD Extract + MCT Oil, and we have to say that we recommend this CBD oil. Feals CBD Extract with MCT Oil tested very close to the label claim, and is full of rare cannabinoids, which suggests that it is a full spectrum product. Based on the fact that this CBD oil has CBC, CBG, and THC in it, it's actually a good value price for a full spectrum product.
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feals cbd extract + mct oil

Feals CBD Extract + MCT Oil

Full spectrum tincture oil that tests very close to its label claim. Chalk full of rare cannabinoids, this full spectrum extracted product appears to be a great value as well.

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Overall Quality

the Feals website does not contain much information about the company itself, but this snippet is from an interview with the co-founder of Feals: Feals is about a healthy, natural way to eliminate/reduce stress, anxiety, pain and even help you get a better night's sleep,” shares the CBD brand’s co-founder Drew Todd. If we’re being honest, the direct-to-consumer CBD oil brand already had our attention with its simple packaging in just the right tinge of orange. It matters what products look like in your medicine cabinet, right? Half kidding— it does for this editor, and clearly the co-founders behind the wellness brand. They went through 120 different shades of orange before they landed on this color.