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Full spectrum tincture oil that tests very close to its label claim. Chalk full of rare cannabinoids, this full spectrum extracted product appears to be a great value as well.
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Overall Quality
CBD/$ Value
Ease of Use
Shipping Time/Cost
  • Passed pesticide and solvent screening tests
  • Ultra fast 3 day ship time
  • Made with real, high quality full spectrum hemp extract that contains CBC, CBG and THC
  • Great value price for full spectrum
$/CBD: $0.11
$/THC: $2.66
Actual Total CBD mg/package: 642.07
Actual Total d8-THC mg/package:
Actual Total d9-THC mg/package: 28.09
Actual Total CBN mg/package: 0
Actual Total CBC mg/package: 14.08
Actual Total CBG mg/package: 8.35
Actual - Claimed CBD Per Package: -115.9
Pass/Fail Pesticide?:
Pass/Fail Solvent?:
Description All our products are full-spectrum CBD, extracted from specially selected, organically grown domestic hemp. Unflavored, no additives, just pure cannabinoid extract & coconut MCT oil. Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Ingredients High-quality fractionated MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil hemp cannabinoid extract
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Specification: Feals CBD Extract + MCT Oil

solvents_ethyl_ether <LOQ
Claimed CBD Per Dose 2mg/drop
Claimed CBD per bottle (mg) 600
pesticides_bifenthrin <LOQ
pesticides_boscalid <LOQ
pesticides_captan <LOQ
solvents_ethanol <LOQ
pesticides_spiroxamine <LOQ
Product cost $74.95
solvents_butane <LOQ
pesticides_etoxazole <LOQ
solvents_n_hexane <LOQ
solvents_pentane <LOQ
solvents_propane <LOQ
solvents_solvents_unit ppm
batch number on label 601
pesticides_pentachloronitrobenzene <LOQ
pesticides_permethrin <LOQ
solvents_methanol <LOQ
solvents_acetone <LOQ
Servings Per Container 20
pesticides_piperonyl_butoxide <LOQ
pesticides_dimethomorph <LOQ
pesticides_thiamethoxam <LOQ
pesticides_thiacloprid <LOQ
pesticides_tebuconazole <LOQ
pesticides_abamectin <LOQ
Units Per Serving 0.75
cannabinoids_cbga ND
pesticides_spiromesifen <LOQ
Unit Description mL
pesticides_bifenazate <LOQ
cannabinoids_d8_thc ND
Total cost $81.88
solvents_heptane <LOQ
Shipping cost $0.00
Actual Total d9_THC mg/package 21.07
pesticides_spirotetramat <LOQ
$/mg Total CBD Actual $0.17
cannabinoids_cbn <LOQ
Flat/Volume ?
Product Variation Size oz 0.5072103405
$/mg THC Actual $3.89
cannabinoids_cbc 0.0995
Product variation flavor N/A
Taxes $6.93
Pass/Fail Pesticide? Pass
pesticides_carbaryl <LOQ
Manufacturer product URL https://feals.com/products/feals/600mg
solvents_xylenes <LOQ
Actual Total CBC mg/package 10.57
Actual Total CBD mg/package 484.1
Actual - Claimed CBD Per Package -115.9
pesticides_aldicarb <LOQ
Product Variation size ml 15
Product Order Number R948966766
Actual Total CBN mg/package 0
solvents_acetonitrile <LOQ
pesticides_trifloxystrobin <LOQ
solvents_benzene <LOQ
pesticides_diazinon <LOQ
pesticides_cypermethrin <LOQ
cannabinoids_d9_thc 0.1984
pesticides_flonicamid <LOQ
pesticides_dimethoate <LOQ
solvents_toluene <LOQ
Actual Total CBG mg/package 6.27
pesticides_mevinphos <LOQ
pesticides_naled <LOQ
solvents_trichloroethene <LOQ
pesticides_dichlorvos <LOQ
solvents_ethylene_oxide <LOQ
pesticides_acetamiprid <LOQ
pesticides_coumaphos <LOQ
pesticides_clofentezine <LOQ
pesticides_chlorpyrifos <LOQ
pesticides_etofenprox <LOQ
pesticides_acephate <LOQ
Pass/Fail Solvent? Pass
pesticides_chlorantraniliprole <LOQ
pesticides_azoxystrobin <LOQ
cannabinoids_cbda 0.0274
pesticides_cyfluthrin <LOQ
Days to receive shipment 3
pesticides_fenhexamid <LOQ
cannabinoids_cbd 4.5344
solvents_methylene_chloride <LOQ
cannabinoids_thca <LOQ
solvents_isopropanol <LOQ
pesticides_daminozide <LOQ
cannabinoids_cbg 0.059
pesticides_acequinocyl <LOQ
Date Received 2019-12-11 17:50:56
Date Completed 2020-01-03 19:50:47
cannabinoids_thcv <LOQ
cannabinoids_cannabinoids_unit %
pesticides_chlordane <LOQ
pesticides_carbofuran <LOQ
pesticides_hexythiazox <LOQ
pesticides_chlorfenapyr <LOQ
pesticides_fenpyroximate <LOQ
cannabinoids_cbdv 0.0284
solvents_chloroform <LOQ
solvents_ethyl_acetate <LOQ
pesticides_fenoxycarb <LOQ
pesticides_myclobutanil <LOQ
pesticides_paclobutrazol <LOQ
pesticides_pyridaben <LOQ
pesticides_ethoprophos <LOQ
pesticides_propoxur <LOQ
pesticides_metalaxyl <LOQ
pesticides_fipronil <LOQ
pesticides_methiocarb <LOQ
pesticides_pesticides_unit ppm
pesticides_oxamyl <LOQ
pesticides_pyrethrins <LOQ
pesticides_propiconazole <LOQ
solvents_1_2_dichloro_ethane <LOQ
pesticides_imazalil <LOQ
pesticides_fludioxonil <LOQ
pesticides_imidacloprid <LOQ
pesticides_prallethrin <LOQ
pesticides_kresoxim_methyl <LOQ
pesticides_spinetoram <LOQ
pesticides_parathion_methyl <LOQ
pesticides_spinosad <LOQ
pesticides_methomyl <LOQ
pesticides_phosmet <LOQ
pesticides_malathion <LOQ
Actual Total d9-THC mg/package 21.07
Actual Total CBD mg/package 484.1
Actual Total CBC mg/package 10.57
Actual Total CBG mg/package 6.27
Actual Total CBN mg/package 0
Pass/Fail Solvent? Pass
Pass/Fail Pesticide? Pass
$/mg THC Actual 3.89
$/mg Total CBD Actual 0.17
Actual - Claimed CBD Per Package -115.9

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