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Functional Remedies is a CBD manufacturer out of Superior, Colorado. They sell CBD oils, CBD oil for cats, CBD oil for dogs, CBD tinctures, CBD topicals like salves and roll ons, as well as CBD capsules for humans and pets.

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Our team had the chance to test & review one of Functional Remedies pet products,  Functional Remedies Dog & Cat Hemp Oil, and we recommend it! The test results showed that it contains almost 30 mg more CBD than the label claims. This CBD tincture claims to be made from whole hemp plant infused in MCT oil, and the test results match that. It contains CBG, CBC, as well as around 6 mg of D9-THC.
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functional remedies hand-pressed, whole-plant hemp salve

Functional Remedies Hand-Pressed, Whole-Plant Hemp Salve

This CBD Salve from Functional Remedies came in well below the label claim for CBD (by over 450 mg), but regardless of that, we're recommending that you skip this product because it tested positive for the pesticide Coumaphos, which is a nasty pesticide that is used on animals to kill ticks, mites, and other bugs.

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Overall Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Functional Remedies CBD

Functional Remedies CBD products have some of the highest-quality CBD you can find on the market today. Only its hand-pressed, whole-plant hemp salve tested very poorly. The shipping cost and delivery time was acceptable. The price of the CBD products was somewhat decent.
Functional Remedies offers CBD products formulated with full-spectrum CBD.
Functional Remedies CBD products can potentially contain between 15mg and 1000mg of CBD.
Functional Remedies CBD oils can be consumed straight from the dropper, added to food or drink, or applied topically. CBD capsules should be consumed with a tall glass of water to ensure proper absorption. CBD body lotion, balm, or oil should be rubbed onto the body part it is intended to be used for.

From the manufacturer: Your body will be communicating plenty of opinions on how well our products work. We suggest you take it all in, one drop, one capsule or one rub of salve at a time. From naturally breeding our proprietary hemp plant over the past 20 years to our hand-pressed extraction, our team’s passion (no, make that obsession) will keep creating the most potent hemp oil of its kind anywhere on Earth.
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