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1099 14th Street Northwest, Washington D.C., 20036, USA
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Washington DC Weed Delivery

:originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign state

According to DC Initiative 71, recreational cannabis cannot be sold or purchased in the District. However, we can deliver it as a gift and we gift premium and exotic indoor cannabis of the highest quality to your front door. We are a California brand focused on ensuring that every step of the process delivers on that goal whether its CBD, edibles, vape cartridges or top shelf flower.

Each of the selected brands and strains delivers quality, consistent and approachable cannabis gifts thoughtfully curated with the DMV consumer’s needs in mind. Our wide variety of gifts are the very same ones available in California and Washington state dispensaries and and our portfolio continues to evolve.

We invite you to indulge in our premium products and experience the exquisite lifestyle that is Exotic Blooms.

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