Happy Fruit Rosin Watermelon Wellness

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Real Tested CBD Says: Highly Recommended
Happy Fruit Rosin Watermelon Wellness gummies get a Highly Recommended rating from our expert review staff. In addition to delta-9 THC, CBD, and other major cannabinoids, they also contain CBDA and CBGA. These are the acidic forms of CBD and CBG, respectively, and current research shows that they may bring their own health benefits. These gummies are also vegan-friendly and passed all residual solvent testing.
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Extremely affordable at just $0.09 per mg of d9 THC
Contain CBDA and CBGA
$/CBD: $0.19
$/THC: $0.09
Actual Total d9-THC mg/package: 305.00
Actual - Claimed CBD Per Package: 157.00
Actual Total CBD mg/package: 157.00
Actual Total CBN mg/package: 10.40
Actual Total CBC mg/package: 5.44
Actual Total CBG mg/package: 54.20
Pass/Fail Pesticide?: Checkmark
Pass/Fail Solvent?: Checkmark

From Happy Fruit:

These delicious and healing gummies will give you relief with each containing 15mg of Delta 9 THC derived from solventless Live Rosin hemp flower with 25mg of CBDA and 25mg of CBGA. Our premium solventless Live Rosin is made by taking fresh frozen hemp flower and using pressure to extract the full spectrum hemp oil.

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