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4623 SE 29th, Del City, OK 73115
About Emerald Elite CBD

Oklahoma City's Only CBD dedicated retail store. We specialize in CBD herbal supplements only. The benefits of shopping with a CBD speciality store is our staff is trained and knowledgeable about CBD products we have the knowledge to get you the products you need without the hassle or cost of Doctor visits or Co-Pays with us you also don't have to worry about being in store that specializes in something else, and knows little about CBD products! We carry a wide variety of CBD products and brands! We carry oils, edibles, creams, concentrates, drinks, capsules and more. We strive to give you quality products with quality results. CBD has all the benefits of THC, difference is CBD will not cause anxiety or paranoia but has actually been proven to help anxiety and act as a psychotic. It is also known for pain relief, seizure reduction, treating symptoms of cancer, anti-inflammatory, and can even provide the same health benefits for your pets. Check us out on our website or our retail store which will opening November 2017

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