Ann Arbor, MI, Places You Can Find Delta-8

Ann Arbor, MI, Places You Can Find Delta-8

Where to Buy Delta-8 THC in Michigan

While marijuana is still federally illegal, Delta 8 has become one of the fastest growing hemp derived products nationwide. Even as cannabis laws become less restricted across many states, many other cannabinoids like Delta 8 have steadily gained popularity in recent years. At Real Tested CBD, we aim to help educate residents of Michigan and help them find quality Delta 8 and CBD products near them. It is important to remember that while legal on the federal level, several states have placed bans on Delta 8 so be sure to follow both our City and State guides for up to date information.

In 2018, the United States Farm bill was passed, allowing for the removal of several hemp related products from the Schedule 1 controlled substance list. Delta 8 is one of the product types that has seen significant growth in popularity since this went into effect. However, many states have passed laws banning these products, making it all the more important to view our state-specific pages.

Delta-8 Locations in Ann Arbor, MI

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With a lesser psychoactive effect when compared to cannabis, users are able to take advantage of several benefits usually associated with medical marijuana. This includes soothing nausea, pain and inflammation relief, and may even help with anxiety disorders. Of course, the method of consumption can also play a role in the high you feel from Delta 8. Products like oils and joints can have a milder effect, while edibles, such as gummies, can feel stronger. It’s also important to do your research into the Delta 8 brands to ensure they are free of impurities. Some states have passed subsequent bans on Delta 8 products, so check up on the current legality in Michigan by using our state resource pages.

Regardless of why you plan on using Delta 8, Real Tested CBD is here to help ensure the products and brands you choose are of the highest quality before you purchase or consume. If you are feeling uncertain about a specific brand or Delta 8 product type, take a look at our available product test results and reviews to help you make an informed decision and avoid any impurities. Be sure to visit Michigan page as well to get up to date information about the legality of Delta 8 in Ann Arbor. If you’d prefer to buy Delta 8 in person rather than online, use our store locator to find a trusted Delta 8 provider near you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delta-8 in Michigan

Is Delta-8 CBD Oil Legal in Michigan?

In the state of Michigan, there is a continued debate regarding the legality of Delta-8. Marijuana and its derivatives (including hemp & CBD) are now considered legal in Michigan, however Delta-8 is specifically banned on another bill. Recently signed Michigan legislature seeks to regulate delta-8 THC like delta-9 THC.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Michigan?

CBD is legally available for residents of Michigan, but it’s under the state legislature’s watchful eye now. Although the laws that aim to prohibit commercial distribution were recently passed there are two bills in consideration to modify or completely remove the restrictions.

Where Can I Buy Delta-8 CBD In Michigan?

As mentioned above, in Michigan, there is a continued debate regarding the legality of Delta-8. However, presently you can buy Delta 8 vape cartridges, gummies, tinctures and more from both local vendors & online.