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Real Tested CBD Says: Acceptable

This softgel capsule product from Pure Kana tests within the acceptable parameters for CBD label claim (-171 mg CBD less than label claim). It also appears to be from a whole plant and not cheaper distillate as it contains CBG and THC.
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Overall Quality
CBD/$ Value
Ease of Use
Shipping Time/Cost
  • Contains both CBG, CBD and THC
  • Passed pesticide and solvent screening
  • Good value product ($ per CBD)
  • 6 days to receive products was slightly less than average
$/CBD: $0.14
$/THC: $5.39
Actual Total d9-THC mg/package: 16.66
Actual - Claimed CBD Per Package: -171.49
Actual Total CBD mg/package: 578.51
Actual Total CBN mg/package: 0
Actual Total CBC mg/package: 0
Actual Total CBG mg/package: 7.93
Pass/Fail Pesticide?:
Pass/Fail Solvent?:
Considering the fact that many prefer our CBD capsules out of sheer convenience, you might be wondering why we don't just sell them exclusively instead of offering a range of oils, topicals and edibles. Well, one of the key differences between CBD oils and CBD capsules is the mode in which they're broken down by the body. CBD oils may offer certain advantages over capsules given that they're consumed as oral droplets under the tongue. This means the majority of the hemp extract avoids going through the digestive system. Because of this, oil drops may be subject to less breakdown than CBD capsules. Therefore, it is possible that more of the active CBD may be available to reach the target destination and provide its helpful, beneficial effects. When you buy 25mg CBD capsules, on the other hand, you are obviously swallowing them whole - kind of like you would with a pill. Thus, they are subject to normal metabolic breakdown in the digestive system. This means that while they might offer a slight advantage in terms of convenience and more precise milligram measurements, they could have a marginally lower bioavailability compared to our CBD oils (bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD that is available for use by the body compared to the actual amount that you take).
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Specification: Pure Kana CBD Softgels

solvents_1_2_dichloro_ethane <LOQ
pesticides_thiamethoxam <LOQ
pesticides_spiroxamine <LOQ
pesticides_spirotetramat <LOQ
pesticides_spiromesifen <LOQ
pesticides_spinosad <LOQ
pesticides_spinetoram <LOQ
pesticides_pyridaben <LOQ
pesticides_pyrethrins <LOQ
pesticides_propoxur <LOQ
pesticides_propiconazole <LOQ
pesticides_prallethrin <LOQ
pesticides_pesticides_unit ppm
pesticides_kresoxim_methyl <LOQ
pesticides_permethrin <LOQ
pesticides_parathion_methyl <LOQ
pesticides_paclobutrazol <LOQ
pesticides_oxamyl <LOQ
pesticides_naled <LOQ
pesticides_myclobutanil <LOQ
pesticides_mevinphos <LOQ
pesticides_methomyl <LOQ
pesticides_methiocarb <LOQ
pesticides_metalaxyl <LOQ
pesticides_tebuconazole <LOQ
pesticides_malathion <LOQ
pesticides_phosmet <LOQ
solvents_isopropanol <LOQ
Unit Description Capsule
solvents_xylenes <LOQ
solvents_trichloroethene <LOQ
solvents_toluene <LOQ
solvents_solvents_unit ppm
solvents_propane <LOQ
solvents_pentane <LOQ
solvents_n_hexane <LOQ
solvents_methylene_chloride <LOQ
solvents_methanol <LOQ
solvents_heptane <LOQ
pesticides_trifloxystrobin <LOQ
solvents_ethylene_oxide <LOQ
solvents_ethyl_ether <LOQ
solvents_ethyl_acetate <LOQ
solvents_ethanol <LOQ
solvents_chloroform <LOQ
solvents_butane <LOQ
solvents_benzene <LOQ
solvents_acetonitrile <LOQ
solvents_acetone <LOQ
Servings Per Container 30
pesticides_piperonyl_butoxide <LOQ
pesticides_thiacloprid <LOQ
pesticides_imidacloprid <LOQ
pesticides_boscalid <LOQ
pesticides_captan <LOQ
pesticides_bifenazate <LOQ
pesticides_azoxystrobin <LOQ
pesticides_aldicarb <LOQ
pesticides_acetamiprid <LOQ
pesticides_acequinocyl <LOQ
pesticides_acephate <LOQ
pesticides_abamectin <LOQ
pesticides_pentachloronitrobenzene <LOQ
Date Received 2019-12-11 17:50:56
Date Completed 2020-01-03 19:50:47
cannabinoids_cannabinoids_unit %
pesticides_imazalil <LOQ
cannabinoids_thcv ND
cannabinoids_thca ND
cannabinoids_d9_thc 0.0859
cannabinoids_d8_thc ND
cannabinoids_cbn ND
cannabinoids_cbga ND
cannabinoids_cbg 0.0409
cannabinoids_cbdv <LOQ
cannabinoids_cbda ND
cannabinoids_cbd 2.9837
pesticides_bifenthrin <LOQ
cannabinoids_cbc ND
pesticides_chlorantraniliprole <LOQ
pesticides_dimethomorph <LOQ
pesticides_hexythiazox <LOQ
pesticides_fludioxonil <LOQ
pesticides_flonicamid <LOQ
pesticides_fipronil <LOQ
pesticides_fenpyroximate <LOQ
pesticides_fenoxycarb <LOQ
pesticides_fenhexamid <LOQ
pesticides_etoxazole <LOQ
pesticides_etofenprox <LOQ
pesticides_ethoprophos <LOQ
pesticides_dimethoate <LOQ
pesticides_carbaryl <LOQ
pesticides_dichlorvos <LOQ
pesticides_diazinon <LOQ
pesticides_daminozide <LOQ
pesticides_cypermethrin <LOQ
pesticides_cyfluthrin <LOQ
pesticides_coumaphos <LOQ
pesticides_clofentezine <LOQ
pesticides_chlorpyrifos <LOQ
pesticides_chlorfenapyr <LOQ
pesticides_chlordane <LOQ
pesticides_carbofuran <LOQ
Units Per Serving 1

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