South Burlington, VT, Places You Can Find Delta-8

South Burlington, VT, Places You Can Find Delta-8

Where to Buy Delta-8 THC in Vermont

While marijuana is still federally illegal, Delta 8 has become one of the fastest growing hemp derived products nationwide. Even as cannabis laws become less restricted across many states, many other cannabinoids like Delta 8 have steadily gained popularity in recent years. At Real Tested CBD, we aim to help educate residents of Vermont and help them find quality Delta 8 and CBD products near them. It is important to remember that while legal on the federal level, several states have placed bans on Delta 8 so be sure to follow both our City and State guides for up to date information

Delta 8 is considered a minor cannabinoid that still causes the well known euphoria from cannabis. The lower THC level in Delta 8 allowed it to become legal on a federal level in 2018 as part of the United States Farm bill. Since the legalization, Delta 8 has steadily become one of the most popular, and fastest growing, cannabis products.

Delta-8 Locations in South Burlington, VT

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Many customers use Delta 8 to relieve pain, anxiety, and inflammation but it’s important to know the different types of Delta 8 products. For example, you can purchase inhalable Delta 8 products, like joints and cartridges which typically have a lower psychoactive effect when compared to cannabis. You also have the option of buying edibles, such as Delta 8 gummies and oils, which can produce a stronger high and a psychoactive effect closer to cannabis. It is important to do your research into both the quality of products, using our product test results, but also of the legality Delta 8 in Vermont as laws continue to evolve as popularity of these products expand.

Whether you are looking into Delta 8 to help reduce anxiety, help improve your appetite, or for any of the other benefits provided by these products, we are here to help. Visit the Vermont resource page to find up to date information about the legality of Delta 8 in South Burlington and where to find in store locations to purchase joints, oils, edibles, and other Delta 8 products near you. If you have any questions or have concerns about the quality of a brand or product, view Real Tested CBD’s product test reviews page to avoid any brands with any impurities or low quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delta-8 in Vermont

Is Delta-8 CBD Oil Legal in Vermont?

Delta-8 THC is banned in the state of Vermont. As of April 2021, the state banned the manufacturing, sale, and possession of products containing hemp-derived Delta-8. This update comes directly from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Farms, and Markets (AAFM) which clarified Delta-8 THC is viewed as a synthetically derived form of THC, which makes it illegal under state law.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Vermont?

CBD Oil products are currently legal to sell and possess in Vermont. If you live in Vermont, you may consider yourself very lucky, as marijuana and hemp are legal under the state’s law. CBD products are widely available at both dispensaries and over-the-counter at other retailers.

Where Can I Buy Delta-8 CBD In Vermont?

As of April 2021, the state of Vermont banned the manufacturing, sale, and possession of products containing hemp-derived Delta-8. This means that there is nowhere where you can locally purchase Delta-8 products; additionally, because possession is prohibited, it is suggested that you do not purchase it online either.