Survey after survey suggests most customers are taking hemp cannabinoids for anxiety. Countless online testimonials suggest CBD and delta-8 have stress-relieving effects, but it appears each of these cannabinoids works in different ways. Indeed, if you don’t know the differences between CBD and delta-8 THC, you could accidentally provoke a panic attack. 

If you’re struggling to choose CBD or delta-8 THC for anxiety, please consider the details below. Although we’re still learning how hemp affects anxiety-related conditions, the info in this post should help you determine which cannabinoid is a better fit for your situation. 

Is CBD Better Than Delta-8 For Stress & Anxiety? 

We can’t say whether CBD is “better” than delta-8 for stress-related conditions. Everybody responds to CBD and delta-8 in different ways, and different doses of these cannabinoids can dramatically alter their effects.

However, at this time, there’s more clinical data supporting CBD’s anti-anxiety potential. Multiple placebo-controlled studies have shown that CBD can reduce symptoms of social anxiety disorder. There’s even some evidence that CBD could reduce symptoms related to post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Scientists also agree that CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. Unlike delta-8 THC, CBD won’t land on the brain’s CB1 receptors or cause a “high” sensation. Instead, CBD appears to influence the reuptake of mood-regulating chemicals like serotonin, which may explain its positive & “clear-headed” effect on stress. 

So, does that mean delta-8 is ineffective for anxiety? Not necessarily. 

Interestingly, survey data from the University of Buffalo and the University of Michigan shows most people who take delta-8 use it for stress and anxiety. Many customers involved in these trials also say delta-8 is less intense than delta-9. Delta-8’s weaker intensity may mean it has a lower risk of inducing severe side effects like panic attacks. 

Anecdotally, many people who take delta-8 THC claim it gives them a tingling “body-heavy” sensation that mimics an indica marijuana strain. Many people in the insomnia community claim delta-8 vape carts or tinctures help them fall asleep at night. Users may also feel an uptick in their mood or mild euphoria when using delta-8 products. 

The biggest concern with using delta-8 for anxiety is that it has a greater risk for side effects versus CBD. People prone to panic attacks or who aren’t used to THC can experience paranoia if they take too much delta-8. So, if customers are new to THC, they should first test CBD and only gradually work their way up to delta-8 products. 

How Do I Know Whether To Take Delta-8 Or CBD For Anxiety?

First-time hemp consumers should always start with CBD. Sure, delta-8 may be “all the rage” on social media, but it’s not the safest option for newcomers. Since CBD is better studied and non-intoxicating, it has a lower risk profile. 

You should only move up to delta-8 THC if you want a more intense experience than what CBD could provide. Taking delta-8 can relieve stress, but it often comes at the cost of your productivity. 

You should reserve your delta-8 sessions for late-night use when you don’t need to accomplish any tasks. Since delta-8 has an association with insomnia relief, you should plan to go to bed shortly after taking this cannabinoid. 

First-time customers must stick with the lowest recommended dose of delta-8 on their first try. Please take note of any sensations you experience at this low dose, and only increase your delta-8 exposure by a few milligrams on the next day. 

Anyone diagnosed with paranoia or panic attacks should steer clear of delta-8 till we better understand its effects. 

Always Double-Check Secondary Ingredients On “Stress-Relief” Hemp Extracts

Whether you choose to use CBD or delta-8 THC for anxiety, you need to pay careful attention to the quality of your hemp extract. This is especially true if you’re buying a product marketed for “stress relief.” Many companies include secondary ingredients like herbs or amino acids that could influence how you feel. 

You need a third-party lab test result to ensure your CBD oils or delta-8 vape carts are clean. These lab reports are the only way you could get an inside look into the quality of your hemp product. 
If you’re having trouble choosing a CBD or delta-8 product, please review the resources on Real Tested CBD. We have dozens of unbiased reviews on some of the leading names in today’s hemp market.

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