There are plenty of weird-sounding trends in the wellness community. From crystal cleansing to cartons of celery juice, it’s hard to prove many of the “health hacks” some people promote. One such fad in the CBD world is consuming raw hemp flowers. 

Yes, there are people who eat hemp or cannabis au naturel. Whether they add this plant to a salad or mix it into a smoothie, some foodies swear that consuming raw hemp is the proper way to extract its complete nutritional profile. 

So, is the “raw hemp” movement right on, or is it just a super crazy fad?

Hold On, Why Do People Eat Raw Cannabis? 

Proponents of eating raw hemp often claim they’re interested in extracting the max antioxidant content in this plant. Similar to other greens, cannabis has a high concentration of chlorophyll. Some studies suggest diets rich in chlorophyll have a positive effect on oxidative stress and free radical damage. However, it’s unknown whether eating raw hemp or cannabis will have similarly protective effects compared with greens like kale, spinach, or arugula. 

Another reason some people eat or juice raw cannabis is to enjoy rare acidic cannabinoids. Before hemp or cannabis is heated, its cannabinoids remain in a less-bioavailable “acidic” state. Unlike the standard CBD in a tincture or oil, raw hemp flowers have high concentrations of CBD-A. Although CBD-A is the precursor to CBD, some people believe it has unique effects on the endocannabinoid system. 

Also, in the case of raw marijuana, people will enjoy a high concentration of THC-A rather than delta-9 THC. Interestingly, when people take THC-A, they don’t experience “high” effects. However, that doesn’t mean THC-A has zero therapeutic value. Some scientists believe THC-A may have positive effects on brain health and nausea without provoking a psychoactive experience. However, we don’t have enough evidence to fully understand how any of these acidic cannabinoids work. 

So, Does Raw Hemp Have Any Benefits?

Most nutritionists believe consuming raw hemp may have some health benefits, but there’s far too little known about this practice to give a definitive answer. Also, there are some concerns about consuming hemp buds that haven’t been properly dried and cured. As hemp growers already know, cannabis is highly susceptible to mold. Anyone thinking about eating raw hemp must always carefully inspect their flowers for signs of mold and mildew. 

While eating or juicing raw hemp will provide people with chlorophyll and cannabinoids like CBD-A, customers shouldn’t expect the same effects of a CBD edible or oil. The CBD in these other products is in a more bioavailable form versus CBD-A. Also, there’s currently more clinical research supporting CBD versus CBD-A for conditions like anxiety or arthritis.

So, yes, eating raw hemp or cannabis may have some benefits. However, it’s unclear whether these benefits are better than consuming regular CBD products like tinctures, vape carts, or gummies. 

What About Eating Hemp Seeds? 

Since we’re talking about chomping on CBD hemp, it’s worth pointing out the difference between raw hemp flowers and hemp seeds. Unlike eating hemp flowers, there’s a lot of evidence that suggests hemp seeds are a healthful addition to a person’s diet. While hemp seeds don’t contain cannabinoids like CBD, they have many beneficial nutrients, fiber, and fatty acids like omega-3s. 

There’s also significant evidence that suggests hemp seeds are one of the best plant-based protein sources. Many vegans and vegetarians use hemp seeds to meet their protein requirements.

As a final note, hemp seeds taste far better than hemp flowers. When you compare the nutty & buttery flavor of hemp seeds versus the bitter & earthy taste of raw hemp, you’ll understand why our ancestors favored hemp seeds in their diets. 

Interested In Hemp Flowers? Check Out Real Tested CBD’s Reviews 

Although Real Tested CBD doesn’t review CBD hemp flowers for juicing and eating, we have plenty of reviews on smokable hemp and pre-roll joints. For those who are dead-set on eating their CBD, we also have plenty of reviews on traditional edibles like gummies

Please take a few moments to comb through Real Tested CBD’s archives to determine what products work best for you.

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