Herb grinders aren’t necessary for people who enjoy rolling CBD hemp joints or vaping CBD flowers. However, as more hemp customers discover the benefits of these “grinder gizmos,” they can’t imagine life without them. 

True, a grinder isn’t as “cost-effective” as using a pair of scissors or your fingers, but many models have come down in price recently. Also, when people realize all the time and trichomes they save with a high-quality grinder, they rarely gripe about the initial investment. 

If you’re unsure about buying an herb grinder for your favorite hemp strains, you may want to check out the points below. 

Why Should People Buy A Grinder For Hemp Flowers?

Again, you don’t need a dedicated herb grinder to make a proper hemp CBD joint. For decades, many tokers have used scissors or their fingers to break apart buds and roll them on a sheet of paper. However, grinders tend to make this process way faster and more efficient. 

Please remember that grinders aren’t just designed to “grind” your herb. High-quality grinders should have special material and chambers to catch the highest percentage of trichomes on your nugs. Many grinders also have a “kief catcher” where customers could store this ultra-potent powder for future sessions. 

By contrast, if you were to use your fingers or a pair of scissors to break off cannabis, chances are you would wash away a ton of those trichomes in the sink. It also takes longer to snip your nugs with scissors, and the total surface area will never be as impressive as finely-ground hemp.

With a high-quality grinder, there’s a better chance that you’ll experience the max terpene and cannabinoid concentration with whatever hemp strain you’re using. Also, many herb grinders allow you to adjust the size of your ground hemp to your preferences. 

Lastly, there are now electric herb grinders on the market for people who struggle with wrist issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. Even if people can’t comfortably twist a manual herb grinder, some options can help them get a consistent quality without harming themselves. 

How Should New Customers Choose A Hemp Herb Grinder? 

If you’re sold on the benefits of using a herb grinder for hemp, you’re probably wondering which product to choose. With so many grinders on today’s market, making the “right” purchase can feel overwhelming. 

Honestly, no herb grinder works for every customer and every scenario. Some people who travel a lot may prioritize portability, while consumers who crave exceptional quality may want a larger, multi-chamber herb grinder. Also, as mentioned above, many people with wrist conditions like arthritis may want to focus on electric herb grinders.

First, you should figure out what features you want in an herb grinder. While more durable materials like aluminum and steel are huge pros, they can significantly increase the price of a unit. Sometimes, an affordable plastic herb grinder may be all you need, especially for quick on-the-go sessions. 

After taking a peek at the size and materials used in various units, please evaluate each brand’s reputation in the industry. Visit a few CBD hemp forums and see what other customers say about the herb grinders you’re interested in. These reviews should give you a feel for which herb grinder lives up to its advertised claims. 

If you take in all this information, you should narrow down the best herb grinder for your preferences. 

Only Grind The Greatest CBD Hemp Buds! 

An herb grinder is a fantastic tool for prepping your CBD hemp joints. However, please remember the quality of your hemp buds will determine the intensity of your session. No matter how finely you grind your hemp flowers, it won’t improve the taste of inferior hemp strains.

Please only purchase hemp flowers from reputable vendors that publish third-party lab results. If companies refuse to give you these Certificates of Analysis, there’s a good chance they’re not telling you the whole story. Real Tested CBD always pays careful attention to our independent lab results when evaluating hemp strains from various brands. 

If you’re curious about what CBD hemp flowers we feel are the best, please check out this page.

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