No dietary tradition is as old or complex as kosher cooking. While it may seem like kosher cuisine is “Biblical history,” many modern-day Jews take this traditional diet seriously. Indeed, recent surveys suggest over 50 percent non-Orthodox Jews still follow the kosher diet. Even higher percentages of Orthodox Jews subscribe to a kosher lifestyle. 

As CBD oil has become mainstream, people from all walks of life want to try hemp extract. Understandably, many customers who practice Judaism want to ensure CBD oil meets their dietary restrictions. 

Although kosher cooking isn’t a “nutritional” diet like keto, people who subscribe to kosher laws are sensitive to eating anything that falls outside their guidelines. It’s far beyond the scope of this blog to review centuries of rabbinical law, but we can say a few things about how CBD fits into kosher cuisine.

Give Me A Straight Answer: Is CBD Oil A Kosher Food?

If you’re just talking about the chemical CBD in raw hemp flowers, it meets kosher guidelines. The hemp plant falls into a category of kosher food called “pareve,” which refers to all foods outside of meat or dairy. Not all foods in “pareve” are kosher, but many unprocessed plants and herbs like hemp are OK.

However, this doesn’t address whether processed CBD oils or gummies qualify as kosher. In these cases, manufacturers must use equipment and processing methods that don’t touch non-kosher items (e.g., pork, non-kosher milk, or shellfish). There also can’t be any non-kosher secondary ingredients in a final CBD tincture. 

In most cases, reputable companies make CBD hemp extract only if they process clean herbs in their extraction plants. So, in most cases, CBD oils likely meet the requirements for kosher certification. That being said, there’s always a chance CBD companies neglect specific processes that would disqualify their products from being kosher.

So, it’s difficult to say whether CBD products are always kosher, but most high-quality & lab-verified items are likely kosher. Of course, you should contact the manufacturer directly if you have any questions about your CBD products.  

How Can People Tell If CBD Oil Is Kosher? 

Some CBD companies have begun working with official kosher certification agencies to ensure their products meet the standard laid out in the Torah. You might see the “K” symbol for “kosher” on your bag of CBD gummies or your bottle of CBD oil

You’ll have to rely on third-party lab results if there’s no kosher label on your CBD product. These unbiased tests will highlight all of the compounds in your final CBD oil. You should also watch out for any labels that say whether this CBD was processed in a facility that has exposure to non-kosher foods. 

If you can’t figure out whether your CBD meets kosher standards, you could contact the CBD brand’s customer service department for more information. You might also want to call a kosher certification agency or a trusted rabbi if you have serious concerns about whether using a particular CBD product will break your dietary restrictions.  

Confused About Kosher CBD? Ask For Tests From A Third-Party!

Even learned rabbis have to admit that “keeping kosher” is confusing! Although hemp has been around for centuries, there’s no specific reference in the Bible on how CBD oil fits into Jewish dietary law. 

Also, it’s only in the past few years that CBD oil has become widely adopted in the health & wellness industry. Therefore, it may take a bit of discussion amongst kosher regulators on how to evaluate the purity of CBD products.

Whatever diet you’re on, it’s essential to look at your CBD oil’s third-party lab results. No other test can give you a better understanding of what’s in your CBD products. Until the FDA steps in with national hemp screening standards, CBD brands must submit their products to third-party labs for transparency.

To learn more about what’s on a CBD third-party lab test, please check out all of the high-quality reviews on Real Tested CBD.

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