Bespoke Recovery CBD + CBG Tincture 2000mg

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Real Tested CBD Says: Discontinued
Bespoke Recovery CBD + CBG Tincture gets a recommended rating from our expert CBD review staff. This CBD + CBG product tests for over 1,000 mg of CBD as well as over 1,000 mg of CBG! It's a fantastic CBD tincture for those who are looking for some extra CBG. This CBG tincture from Bespoke passed residual solvent & pesticide testing, is a full-spectrum product, tested accurately to the label claim, and is moderately priced!
Overall Quality
Ease of Use
Shipping Time/Cost
Passed residual solvent & pesticide testing
Accurate to the label claim
Over 1,000 mg of CBG!
Price per mg of CBD is a bit high, but when combined with CBG (advertised as a CBG product), it comes in around $0.05/mg
$/CBD: $0.08
$/THC: $2.81
Actual Total d9-THC mg/package: 35.14
Actual - Claimed CBD Per Package: 207.45
Actual Total CBD mg/package: 1207.45
Actual Total CBN mg/package: 0
Actual Total CBC mg/package: 59.03
Actual Total CBG mg/package: 1225.75
Pass/Fail Pesticide?: Checkmark
Pass/Fail Solvent?: Checkmark
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From Bespoke:

The only downside to being extraordinarily active is the excessive soreness that can accompany it. We know the feeling. Bespoke Recovery can help to limit the need for downtime, with an extra potent solution specially formulated to support your healthy inflammatory response. A balanced blend of full-spectrum CBD and CBG distillate is complimented by another all-natural inflammatory response support supplement, BCP Terpene. Stay doing what you love! 

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