Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + CBN Tincture

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Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + CBN Tincture gets a recommended rating from our expert CBD review staff. This CBD + CBN tincture that was specifically formulated to aid sleep has passed pesticide testing, tests very accurately to the label claim, and is the same clever marketing/packaging that we've come to expect from Dad Grass. Great product.
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Tests accurately to the label claim
Tastes great
Great marketing/packaging
$/CBD: $0.05
$/THC: $3.25
Actual Total d9-THC mg/package: 19.20
Actual - Claimed CBD Per Package: 270
Actual Total CBD mg/package: 1200.00
Actual Total CBN mg/package: 152.00
Actual Total CBC mg/package: 6.69
Actual Total CBG mg/package: 22.50
Pass/Fail Pesticide?: Checkmark
Pass/Fail Solvent?: NT

From Dad Grass:

The Dad Grass Nighttime Formula is a 100% Organic full spectrum hemp tincture crafted to lull you into a deep and restful sleep. Rich with terpenes. High in CBD, plus CBN. Infused with calming linden. No habit-forming chemicals. Just an all-natural remedy to help you get the sleep that dreams are made of. 

Trying to fall asleep shouldn’t keep you up at night. Or leave you foggy and groggy in the morning. So we made an easy, all-natural one-stop-drop to take the stress out of slumber. Our special formulation blends the sedative effects of CBN, the mind-body relief of CBD and the soothing properties of linden to promote lasting, quality sleep. These three ingredients are known to work in harmony with the body to ease the underlying causes of sleep deprivation, rather than covering up the symptoms. Our friends say that a dropper or two before bed feels like sipping a warm cup of chamomile tea, slipping into a pair of favorite jammies, climbing into crisp sheets and throwing on some smooth jazz(zzz). The CBD quiets the body & mind while the CBN soothes the soul so you can sleep through the night and get the most out of every day.

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