More info about CBD bath bombs

You’ve probably noticed it by now – CBD is everywhere. Furthermore, not only is it everywhere, but it is getting creative, and manufacturers are finding new and unique ways to get CBD into a variety of products. One such example is the CBD Bath Bomb, which is a relatively new product on the CBD scene.

Many people have found relief from anxiety or stress as a result of CBD products, and these products are now being put in a bath bomb form. Bath bombs are all the rage these days and have been purported by many to assist with relaxation. 

In the list below, we review the best CBD bath bombs available on the market.

Evaluating the best CBD bath bombs can be hard, but fortunately, there are ways that you can do so. At Real Tested CBD, we use a series of objective metrics in order to determine the overall value and effectiveness of a bath bomb. These include:

  • Price per milligram of CBD
  • Price per milligram of THC. If a product contains no THC, it will be listed as “N/A”
  • Total of CBD, CBN, and CBD in each package
  • Information on whether or not a product passed a pesticide and solvency test

All of this information is combined to generate an overall score, and is based on our own independent test of the product. That score can then be used to compare all products, enabling you to have common ground by which to determine which of the products we review is the best CBD bath bombs.

Furthermore, by clicking on a product, you can read a full review from both our professionals and users. This includes an in-depth analysis of a CBD product’s various pros and cons, links to buy the product in question, and access to the full lab report. You can also see scores across additional items, including value and shipping time. 

We hope that the list below gives you more information on which of these products are the best CBD bath bombs. However, if you need additional information on other CBD products, you can check out our other CBD products, including CBD topicals, CBD balms, and CBD creams.