Real Tested CBD exists because CBD products need an authoritative third party making sure that consumers get what they think they’re buying. Unregulated supplements can say virtually anything on the package, provided they include a disclaimer along the lines of “these claims have not been evaluated by the FDA,” but this leaves the consumer in a weak position. On the milder side this can mean that a supplement isn’t as potent or of as high a quality as the label purports, but on the more severe side of things this can mean contamination or deception. 

Why Do People Use CBD?

Many people turn to CBD to help ameliorate chronic symptoms like pain or inflammation. The fact that CBD is a non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating hemp based supplement attracts many people who are otherwise averse to cannabis products containing THC. Some avoid it for personal or health reasons and others avoid it due to their employment’s requirements. 

This has led to a real problem in the world of CBD: misleading or dishonest labels.  

What Are The Consequences of Bad Labels?

In one example, a truck driver of 14 years sought CBD for use after a serious accident. Mere weeks after using the CBD elixir he was fired for failing a drug test. He stated that he had never turned to marijuana use. The CBD products he used was called “Dixie X” and claimed to be a “CBD rich medicine.” This individual didn’t take this turn of events lightly. He lost his livelihood of over a decade by using a product that purported to be safe and THC free. He took it to the courts alleging they had committed wire and mail fraud. 

The initial event took place in 2012, and his first suit began in 2015. This now is to be heard by the Supreme Court. Because of the stakes involved it is going to be heard as a RICO case. 

What is RICO and Why is it a Big Deal?

RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of of 1970. The company that produced the product In question appealed the supreme courts decision to allow a RICO case and was denied. Meaning that this trucker can sue for triple damages, with much higher consequences to the organization peddling this bogus product. 

Their argument was that this would open up Marijuana and CBD companies up to a slew of costly lawsuits by setting a RICO precedent, but their concern is for their business, not the consumer. Consumers are who suffer when these companies put out products under false pretenses. 

Whether by ignorance or malice, these products are far from uncommon in the market. This man lost his job, others have suffered similar outcomes. Even CBD shouldn’t be taken on top of existing medications without consulting a doctor, and a doctor’s advice is only as good as their information. If neither patient nor physician are aware of the THC it can have potentially dangerous outcomes for the individuals using the products. 

Find Safe CBD Products With Real Tested CBD

Our goal is to have CBD products be tested by unbiased third party laboratories to verify quality and integrity. You should be able to determine what you are getting by the stated contents on the label. We test hundreds of hemp products and you can view the results on our website!

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