More info about CBD topicals for pets

The popularity of CBD continues to grow in many ways. On one hand, more and more people are using the supplement, with one recent survey showing that 1 in 3 American adults have actually tried the product. Furthermore, since it’s legalization in late 2018, the amount of CBD products available on the market is expanding, growing from CBD edibles and CBD topicals to CBD bath bombs and CBD oil for pets. Indeed, CBD topicals for bets have become very popular of late, but since this particular product is so new, it can be hard to find the best CBD topicals for pets. As such, this list is meant to help you determine the best way to help find the best CBD topical for your pet.

Finding the best CBD topicals for pets is important because CBD is so new and the product is so confusing. Fortunately, at Real Tested CBD, we have years of experience that the below list puts to work on your behalf. As such, make sure to check out the list of the best CBD topicals for pets.

This list was developed by leveraging our many years of experience in the field. We know what products work, what products fail to meet expectations, and when you absolutely need to throw a CBD product away. Our scores are developed by using the following criteria:

  • Price per milligram of CBD.
  • Price per milligram of THC.
  • Total amount of CBD, CBN, and CBG in each package.
  • Pass/fail results of post a pesticide and solvency product.
  • Price.

Looking for more info? Click on a product. It will list more in-depth information, links to purchase, links to each product’s lab report, and a variety of pros and cons of each product. It will also give you a chance to review user-generated reviews, and to submit your own.

There are so many CBD products on the market today – at Real Tested CBD, we’ve tested hundreds. That’s why we’re so dedicated to making sure you can find the best CBD topicals for pets. If you would like to see more, make sure to check out our entire list of reviewed CBD products.