More info about hemp strains

CBD’s popularity has led to an explosion of demand for the product, and thankfully for consumers, manufacturers have not hesitated to meet those needs. Indeed, even the briefest of looks at the CBD market shows a wide array of products available, and it seems as if new products are coming to the market every day.

The problem, of course, is that these products can get confusing – particularly if you don’t know much about what CBD is or what the best and safest brands to use are. To that end, we put together the below list to help you find the best hemp strains.

Finding the best hemp strains isn’t easy if you don’t know what you are looking for. However, thanks to years of experience in this field, the experts at Real Tested CBD can help you find the best brands. We’ve put together a list of criteria that apply to all hemp strains. This include:

  • Value per milligram of CBD and THC
  • Total levels of CBD, CBN, and CBG
  • Confirmation that each tested project has passed a solvency and pesticide test

Using these criteria, we’ve put every hemp strain on a level playing field. You can then use this information and the scores that they help generate to determine what are the best hemp strains for you. Furthermore, you can find additional information about a product by clicking on it. Additional information includes a product’s overall value, quality, ease of use, shipping time, and shipping cost. If you are interested, you can also download a product’s lab test. This gives you easy access to the specific quality of each product and allows you to personally confirm what is in each hemp strain. 

In addition to all of the above, our individualized review lists a product’s pros and cons. You can also review user-submitted reviews and write a review on your own.

Finding the best hemp strains isn’t easy, but this list can help you get there. You can also check out our best CBD products for additional information on a variety of CBD products that you may be interested in. Also, feel free to take a look at the best CBD joints!