It’s common knowledge that nuts & seeds are nutritious. However, since hemp cultivation stalled in the 20th century, many people don’t know much about the pros & cons of hemp seeds. Now that CBD is so popular, some customers believe they can enjoy this cannabinoid by adding hemp seeds to their salads or smoothies. 

There’s no question that hemp seeds have a lot of pros to offer today’s consumers, but CBD content isn’t one of them. Please don’t get confused by deceptive labels on products made with “hemp seeds.” Most likely, products that only contain hemp seed extract have zero CBD content. 

If Hemp Seeds Have Zero CBD, What Does? 

Hemp seeds are perfectly edible, but they don’t contain any of the cannabis plant’s distinctive cannabinoids. Most of the cannabinoid-rich trichomes in cannabis plants are clustered in the tightly-packed “buds” (aka colas). 

During flowering, hemp bud sites produce an incredibly sticky layer with high amounts of cannabinoids. While marijuana plants produce mostly delta-9 THC, hemp plants primarily produce the non-psychoactive cannabinoid CBD. 

CBD hemp flower cultivators always focus on unpollinated female plants. Male plants never produce the resinous coating of trichomes necessary for hemp smoking or CBD extraction. Always double-check your CBD brand’s farming standards to ensure you’re not ordering industrial hemp.

So, Is It Pointless To Eat Hemp Seeds? 

While it may be a bummer that hemp seeds don’t have traces of CBD, that doesn’t mean hemp seeds are useless. For starters, farmers need these seeds to grow more hemp! Beyond cultivation, hemp seeds have many desirable traits for “health nuts.” 

Nutritionists agree that hemp seeds are a fantastic source of many heart & brain-healthy fatty acids, including omega-3. Interestingly, hemp seeds also have a fair amount of fiber and protein. Many people on a vegetarian or vegan diet use hemp seeds as a natural way to increase their protein intake. 

Hemp seed oils may help moisturize a user’s skin. Just keep in mind hemp seed oils aren’t the same as CBD topicals. Unless the manufacturer adds CBD back into their hemp formula, there’s usually zero CBD concentration in hemp seed oils and lotions.  

Be Wary Of CBD Concentrations In “Hemp Seed Oils!”  

Intuition served our ancestors well when they began eating hemp seeds. While hemp seeds don’t have any cannabinoids, they are a great addition to a healthy diet. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you should consider using hemp seeds as a garnish to take advantage of their impressive benefits.

Just remember that hemp seeds aren’t equivalent to CBD. Some marketers trick customers into believing they’re buying a CBD-rich product when they’re only getting cannabinoid-depleted hemp seed oil. If you have doubts about whether your hemp extract has CBD, you must look at the third-party lab results.

Real Tested CBD has tested hundreds of hemp products from some of the most prominent North American CBD brands. You’ll see plenty of lab reports backing up our conclusions on various CBD products in our unbiased review pages. Please click this webpage to see our picks for the best CBD oil.

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