Typically, the higher the number on a product, the stronger it should be. This theory works out beautifully when comparing delta-8 and delta-9 THC. As many hemp fans know, delta-8 THC tends to be less psychoactive than delta-9. However, the same can’t be said when comparing delta-10 with delta-9 THC. 

Yes, there is yet another hemp THC compound titled “delta-10,” and it’s probably not what you’d expect! At first glance, delta-10 THC may seem to be an “upgrade” from delta-9. However, the reality of delta-10 THC’s effects is more complex. 

How Does Delta-10 Compare With Other THC Cannabinoids? 

Delta-10 THC is remarkably similar to delta-9 and delta-8, but the placement of its double-bond is on the tenth carbon chain. This subtle difference in chemical structure seems to give delta-10 a unique potency and “personality.”

While there’s no scientific evidence on delta-10’s effects, most customers who experiment with delta-10 claim it’s not as hard-hitting as delta-9. In fact, delta-10 seems to have a similar intensity to delta-8 THC.

However, there’s a sharp contrast between how delta-8 and delta-10 make users feel. People generally use delta-10 to feel uplifting and energizing effects similar to mild sativa strains. By contrast, delta-8 gets reserved for nighttime sessions when customers don’t mind feeling chill and sleepy. 

Again, we can’t back up any of the claims made on delta-10 with scientific data. However, the growing number of online testimonials strongly suggests that delta-10 is an excellent daytime cannabinoid. 

Will Delta-10 THC Get Users In Trouble With The Law? 

Delta-10 may differ from delta-8 in terms of effects, but these cannabinoids are in a similar legal quandary. There’s no federal statute that defines the legality of hemp-derived delta-8 or delta-10 products. If labs use a cannabinoid like CBD from hemp to make delta-10 or delta-8 extract, it’s not breaking the 2018 US Farm Bill’s policies. However, since both cannabinoids are psychoactive, they tend to cause controversy in states with restrictive cannabis policies.

People who are just getting into delta-10 or delta-8 need to review their city’s hemp laws. There’s a good chance your hometown has local bans on THC-related cannabinoids if there are laws against cannabis use. By contrast, those in states with recreationally-legal laws may have an easier time ordering delta-10 and delta-8.   

Please always verify your municipality’s rules for delta-10 THC before ordering products online or in hemp shops. 

So, Who Should Try Delta-10 THC? 

Delta-10 THC is best-suited for people who want a “wake & bake high” that’s not as paranoia-inducing as delta-9 THC. As mentioned above, delta-10 seems to have a mild sativa effect on users, which may induce a head buzz sensation and feelings of euphoria. 

Delta-10 also tends to be better for people who want to remain productive while experiencing THC’s effects. Those interested in microdosing THC may find delta-10’s milder effects provide anxiety relief without provoking counterproductive side effects or paranoia. 

Please remember that there’s minimal empirical evidence on delta-10 THC’s effects. People interested in trying delta-10 will have to feel comfortable using a cannabinoid we still don’t know a lot about. While delta-10 doesn’t tend to provoke severe side effects in small doses, it is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Users should first approach delta-10 with caution and start with tiny amounts. 

Craving “Real” Info On Hemp Cannabinoids? Keep Tabs On Real Tested CBD!  

The market for alternative hemp cannabinoids is exploding. While this is an exciting epoch for hemp enthusiasts, it’s also fertile ground for scammers. Real Tested CBD wants to make it easier for customers to separate fact from fiction in the hemp industry. That’s why we regularly publish unbiased reviews on CBD and delta-8 products. Our team of hemp experts also shares the latest data on alt cannabinoids like delta-10 so you can make an informed decision.

To see how Real Tested CBD keeps hemp customers safe, please check out our latest CBD oil reviews!

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